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Successful companies address three main components of risk; they are, Business Risk (Strategy), Financial Risk (Cost of Revenues) and Technology Risk (methodology and Techniques for Going to Market).  Telecommunications design and  network strategy have a profound effect on a company’s ability to meet these risks as they are ingrained in every aspect of corporate value proposition.

Core Business Services, LLC has a proven track record to help your firm mitigate risk associated with telecommunications design and network strategy by utilizing a thorough process rendering cost performance, network-future-proofing and contractual flexibility. The best part THESE SERVICES COME AT NO COST TO THE CLIENT.

Design + Strategy

The following is a small sample of how telecommunications design and network strategy effect business continuity

  • Customer interfacing – Communicating your business message
  • Internal data transfer – Moving your product from concept to customer
  • External to internal data transfer – Order placement
  • Employee to employee communication – Efficiencies in managing your business
  • Data integrity – Information accuracy
  • Data assimilation – Using data in a timely manner to ensure corporate competitiveness
Whether your firm's objective is assessing wire-line to cloud migration, network expansion, network compliance, or trying to contain costs, Core Business Services, LLC program will achieve your company’s goals.

Our Philosophy

Have You Ever Had to Manage a Technological Transition?

All solutions are tailored to your company’s benefit. Core Business Services is an augment to your organizational chart i.e. we take responsibility for developing a technological baseline specific to your company. This creates an environment where the carrier responds to your need(s), avoiding Have you ever had to isolate the soft and hard costs of a transition. Do you know the true effect of how telecommunications affects your technological, business, and financial risk?

Save Time and Money

Our proven process saves your firm’s time, money and mitigates risk associated with new technological deployments, contractual negotiation, implementation and maintenance of telecommunication / cloud carrier solutions. This is how we do it:

  • We provide a comprehensive inventory of circuits, contracts and effected Customer Premise Equipment.  This strategy is akin to defining the “chess board” so your firm can make strategic technological decisions, not reactive decisions.
  • A comprehensive inventory allows Core Business Services, LLC to work with your firm in developing technological baselines that specifically apply to your business.  These baselines supply the impetus for any carrier solutions.
  • Carrier responses are competed through Core Business Services Closed-Request-For-Quote (Closed RFQ) process.  Each RFQ is presented to a wide stable of carriers willing and able to address your firm’s technological, contractual and pricing requirements; thereby, removing the carrier from presenting a short life cycle solution.  Core Business Services then uses a weighted matrix of each carrier response resulting in a clear vetting of all respondent solutions.
  • Each project is accompanied with an Executive Summary synopsizing your firm’s decision tree and resulting choice in carrier / cloud solutions.  The Executive Summary is specific to your firm; therefore, can be tailored for presentation to all levels of management (from board to technician).
  • Core Business Services stays with your firm through the entirety of the carrier contract.  Escalations, Trouble Ticketing, Network Augmentation, Monitoring, general day-to-day support can be accomplished using carrier resources, Core Business Services dedicated personnel, or a hybrid of carrier and Core resources.

Our Process

It is incumbent for Core Business Services, LLC earn your trust; as such, our standard is to deliver to every client engagement, at a minimum
  • Free inventory – The first step in any risk assessment is to identify how your current telecommunications technology and network contracts effect cost, compliance and flexibility.
  • Free analysis of current and future telecommunication / cloud technologies and strategies – From the inventory a migration strategy will be developed.
  • Design services – Core Business Services has at it’s disposal qualified telecommunication and cloud services engineering resources; further, each carrier in the Core Business Services stable has provided dedicated engineering and support personnel.
  • Carrier Agnostic – Our stable of carriers covers the Tier One and Tier Two carrier space along with hundreds of cloud services providers.  Our access allows us to bring a carrier that is best suited for your firm’s needs; since, Core Business Services offers solutions from all providers your technology decision is not biased.
  • Our toolkit is larger than the largest carrier as we can provide solutions from one, or all carriers.  Core Business Services, LLC has on staff engineers to focus on your needs; further, we have access to dedicated engineering, support and escalation personnel from each of the carriers.

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