Business Data, Application, Communications and Cybersecurity Solutions (DACCS)

We have a proven track record of delivering DACCS solutions based on custom discovery. Our approach mitigates risks of any digital transformation. Our strategy utilizes a thorough process targeting cost performance, data integrity, supplier contractual flexibility and future proofing Information Technology posture(s).


Intelligent Real-Time Digital Transformation Experience

Companies committed to Digital Transformation enjoy a competitive advantage. Every experience is unique’ therefore, Core Business Services is committed to providing a custom Digital Transformation road map based on discovery analytics. Our discovery process is provided at no cost.


Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment Solutions

Core Business Services deploys an industry unique approach to identify, detect, remediate and recover from any cyber threat. Our solutions are mapped to the NIST 2.0 framework for internal management and industry compliance. Gap analyses are provided at no cost.


Customized Artificial Intelligence Modeling

Application Coding and synchronization


Audit-Based Approach to Integrated Solutions

Core Business Audit

Core Business Services LLC and partner(s) will initiate audit and inventory for:

  • Telecom – Traditional Access, UCaaS, CCaaS, etc. (No Cost)
  • Cloud, Hosted, Hybrid, Applications, Etc.
  • Security – Identify, prioritize remediation, implementation
  • Audited Assets are Reviewed by Engineering Support

Core Business Services Solutions

Engage Appropriate Suppliers to Provide Tailored Solutions (over 500 in our base):

  • Telecom – Access, SDWAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, Mobility, Wireless
  • Cloud, Data Base Management, Security Assessment / Remediation / Insurance, Artificial Intelligence Modeling, Application Coding
  • Professional Services – Cloud Migration, Security Operations Management / Breach Identification / Incident Response / Data Recovery, Framework Design
Our Core Business Philosophy

Address Tri-Axis of Risk

  • Every Core Business Services Solution Is Designed to Address Those Risk Point(s) Impacting client’s Market Relevance.
  • The Most Efficient Companies Addressing Risk Have the Best Opportunity for Growth, Flexibility and Sustainability.

Who We Are

Core Business Services is a CFO's best friend & CIO’s project lead specific to any technical transformation project

Successful companies address three main components of risk; they are, Business Risk (Strategy), Financial Risk (Cost of Revenues) and Technology Risk (methods, techniques, applications, network and equipment for addressing external and internal customers). Technological strategy and design have a profound effect on a company’s ability to meet these risks as they are key touch points to every aspect of corporate value proposition. The following is a small sample of how telecommunications design and network strategy effect business continuity.

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Cybersecurity Framework

  • General Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Vulnerability Assessments / Management
  • Penetration Testing – Black, Grey and White
  • Compliance Readiness
  • Virtual Certification (CSO)
  • Phishing Protection
  • Awareness Training
  • Business Impact Analysis
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Verticals Summary

Transportation & Logistic

  • Global coverage
  • Subvertical specialists to consult
  • Roads, Maritime & new mobility areas


  • Super/hypermarket next level automation
  • Food Retail
  • Loyalty


  • Focus on standards
  • Super specialization in Mental Health
  • Expertise & focus in the US and ANZ regions


  • Online academies
  • Assisted learning
  • Content aggregation

Insurtech & Financial

  • Focus on property & casualty areas
  • Expertise in US and ANZ regions
  • Payments and banking integrations

Emerging Tech

  • Providing pointers to appropriate tech for industries
  • Contracted Tech research
  • POCs/MVPs

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